Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Master Mason and 60 Year Mason Honored

Washington Lodge's first meeting of the 2013 masonic year included a Master Mason degree and the honoring of a 60 year mason.

Davis Kim was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason this past Thursday January 3rd.  Good luck to you Davis as you head back to your studies at the University of Michigan.  We hope you can sit with us in lodge during your next break and tell us about your experience as a traveling man in Michigan.

Thanks to all who attended and participated.  It was a special night that included presenting Claude Bohn with his 60 year member pin, certificate and card.  Thank you Claude. We are proud to have you as a brother and member of our lodge and it was a privilege to present you with the 60 year honors.  Claude is actually now a 61 year member of the fraternity as of last November.

Come see us next meeting Thursday January 17th as we pass a couple new Fellowcrafts. 

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