Wednesday, August 29, 2012

50 & 60 Year Members Honored

As reported earlier there were two members of Washington Lodge #21 honored recently for their many years of membership and service to the Lodge/Fraternity.

Past Master Gerry Barlament and his lady were honored for 60 years.

Past Master Jim Smejkal, his lady and family were honored for 50 years. 

Congratulations and Thank You brothers!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Joint Masonic Center Event and Fellowcraft Degrees

It was a fantastic evening last night for the N.E.W. Masonic Center, Washington Lodge #21 and Roosevelt Lodge #322. Both lodges shared fellowship over dinner to begin an evening that included Washington Lodge honoring Past Master Gerry Barlament for 60 years of membership and service to the fraternity as well as Past Master Jim Smejkal for 50 years of membership and service to the fraternity. After honoring these 2 brothers with a public ceremony lead by Larry Zochert P.M., Washington Lodge proceeded to pass 4 Fellowcrafts while Roosevelt Lodge raised 2 Master Masons.

Congratulations Brothers and Thank You!
Thanks to Roosevelt Lodge #322 for the fantastic dinner and fellowship.

I'll post pictures of the honored Past Masters as soon as I receive them.