Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trestleboard article for March - April

There is such excitement in the air as we look towards spring. The days are getting longer, for now warmer and the birds are beginning to make themselves seen and heard again. It is with that same excitement that I look at the year so far in lodge and what is yet to come.

We've just completed our annual school of instruction meeting with district lecturer Moses Adams. It's great to see our newest officers embrace their duties and strive to perform at a high level. We're all working hard to get ready to defend our championship at the annual degree competition. Washington Lodge has 2 teams registered to compete this year. The regular officers will compete as well as a Past Master's team. Now that's exciting!

We've been very busy with degree work. At our first meeting of the year, we conferred the Master Mason degree on Jesse Jones. We've been busy with degree work since and it's not showing any signs of slowing down. Exciting!

I'm also excited about the coming annual James L. Fox Mason of the Year Chinese dinner. When I first took this office, I looked toward the responsibility of choosing a Mason of the Year with difficulty. I'm excited now as it's become completely clear to me who the recipient of this honor will be. I look forward to making that announcement soon. Please join us April 21st for this event.

As you can see, we have much going on and much to be excited about. Come join in the fun.

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Stated Meetings are 1st & 3rd Thursday: Dinner @ 6:00PM, Gavel Sounds @ 7:00PM

March 3 – Stated Meeting – Degree TBD

March 17 – Stated Meeting – Degree TBD

April 7 – Stated Meeting – Degree TBD

April 21 – James L. Fox Mason of the Year Annual Chinese Dinner

April 30 – (Saturday) Annual Degree Competition - Madison

Saturday, February 5, 2011

January 20th & February 3rd Meetings

January was busy. Washington Lodge's officers attended Beja Shrine's installation and Job's Daughters Bethel 32's installation. Our Jan. 20th meeting was a short business meeting which included adopting the budget for the year.

This past Thursday night I had the privilege of conferring my first EA as Master of the lodge. It was not my first time conferring the EA but it was my first time doing so in the N.E.W. Masonic Center. I conferred two EAs at the Heritage Hill event last year. I think the work went very well. Christopher Nighbor has joined our ranks and is planned to be passed next meeting. Come out and see Joe Chilcote exercise his duty as Senior Warden and confer the FC Degree on Thursday February 20th. Hope to see you there.

Some additional events this month are:

School of Instruction - Saturday Feb. 19th at 9:00AM

Past Master's Event - Saturday Feb. 26th