Tuesday, January 3, 2012

From the Master

We find ourselves at the beginning of a new year, full of hope and optimism
for the possibilities that are soon to present themselves to our new corps
of officers.
As the new Master of Washington Lodge I would like to congratulate the
new officers of our lodge as well as those of Des Pere, Daylight, and
Roosevelt lodge. I would also like to thank the members of our three youth
groups, DeMolay, Rainbow for Girls, and Job’s Daughters who all helped
make our installation a wonderful experience!
I would especially like to urge each adult that is reading this message to
take some of your time this year and devote it our most precious resource
and our “best” hope for the future - our youth! Please take the time to visit
them, they enjoy guests as much as we do!
As we start this year we encourage each of our members to attend regularly.
We are looking forward to bringing in more new members, and
embarking on several exciting projects. We want each of you to be a part
of this and enjoy the comradery and sense of fulfillment that comes from
participating in worthy endeavours.
As always dinner is at 6:00 pm before lodge so all members can join us for
fellowship, regardless of your current degree. Friendship is the true cement
that holds a lodge together, gives it strength, and helps it grow!
Joseph Chilcote
Master Washington Lodge #21

New Officers of 2012

Here's your officer line for 2012. The officers of Washington Lodge #21 F&AM of Wisconsin are:

From left to right front:
Mark Ellis PM - Trustee
Larry Zochert PM - Treasurer
Jake Lancelle - Junior Warden
Jeff Lancelle - Senior Warden
Charles Clarage PM - Secretary
Nick Brosig - Chaplain

From left to right back:
Dennis Oshefsky - Junior Steward
Chad Kurowski - Junior Deacon
Leon Kaiver - Tiler
Mike Scalf PM - Counselor
John Van Lanen - Senior Deacon
Clint Compton - Senior Steward

Congratulations guys. It's going to be a great year. Enjoy the journey!

First meeting this Thursday, January 5th. Hope to see you there.